Dental Implants From Just £1200
(Or from 90pence per day with finance)

Dental Implant Tooth extraction is quite common due to poor dental health and gum disease. Leaving the missing tooth space empty may not sound too serious, but the consequences of not filling in the space from the missing tooth can include:
  • The teeth adjacent to your missing tooth can change position to fill the gap.
  • The loss of your missing tooth’s root can cause your jawbone to shrink, making your face appear prematurely older.
  • A missing tooth in the front of your mouth can affect your smile and your self-confidence.
By using Titanium Dental Implants, Crowns, Bridges or Dentures can now be permanently secured to a dental implant which eliminates the need for removable dentures.

In around thirty minutes, the dental implants are painlessly placed using only a local anaesthetic. The magic of a titanium dental implant is that when it is inserted into the bone, the bone grows directly around the implant to create a new tooth root.

After a healing period permanent teeth can then be attached to the implant.

» Dramatic results
» Used to secure crowns, bridges and dentures
» Eliminate the need for removable dentures The dental implant is effective and successful. The results can be dramatic - it is not uncommon at all to hear patients comment that dental implants have "changed my life".

Single tooth implants from £1200 0% FINANCE AVAILABLE

Example : £2000 =12 equal installments of £166.67, total finance £2000